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1. Pick a topic you've no idea how to say in Spanish.
2. Play the game, make lots of mistakes. 3. After 30 minutes you'll understand it all!

Yes and no are very simple in Spanish.

Yes in Spanish is “sí” and no is “no”

Here’s a fun game to play,  ask a “yes/no” question, pick a card and the fortune teller will tell if the answer is yes or no!  But… you’ll only get the correct answer if you say the question in Spanish!

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  1. Vanessa
    7:56 pm

    These games are fun but creative. They help you speak spanish easly.

  2. Yes. Learning should always be fun! I love learning especially if I there is someone whom I could learn with.

    When I am learning Spanish, I make a point to speak and write spanish everyday and in a short period of time I learn Spanish fast. I am so happy

  3. 2 pac
    12:49 am

    This games owns!

  4. Me
    1:56 pm

    I love this game. It is a great way to learn spanish

  5. ghf
    2:02 pm

    This is fun

  6. mal
    8:26 pm

    I like it it is fun it helps me with spanish!

  7. mal
    8:26 pm

    I like it it is fun it helps me with spanish!