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1. Pick a topic you've no idea how to say in Spanish.
2. Play the game, make lots of mistakes. 3. After 30 minutes you'll understand it all!

Today we learn how to tell the time in Spanish. It’s really quite easy. All you do is to say “las” and the number e.g. las dos for 2 o’clock. First of all play around with the learn numbers game, then…

1. Get a friend to play on another computer,

2. Both start together.

3. Listen to the time, if you don’t know what it is, click on any answer!

4. Eventually you’ll figure out what they all mean and will have learnt the Spanish.

3. Race to see who can finish first!

It’s a lot more fun than learning a list full of numbers, plus you’ll get the pronunciation really well.

If you like the game, please leave a comment. And tell your friends of course!


  1. Rossibel
    12:01 am

    it was fun and very helpful but i think it should get a little bit more complicated like ask for 2:45 etc. not just 1,4,7 is too easy it should start low then get more complex

  2. Richard
    8:17 am

    Hi Rossibel,

    Thank you for the comment. We’ve got the next level one coming up soon!

    Be genki,

  3. bob
    3:03 pm

    these is the coolest game i have ever played

  4. Devon
    3:04 pm

    this game is fun

  5. These games on this site are really cool. I think it’s a great way to get started learning a language. It is beginners level I presume… It I think the color scheme you did on the site and games really draw people in to come and want to play.

  6. Zachary
    7:36 pm

    I agree with Rossibel. It is good fun though! I t would be good to have it on the german Website aswell!

  7. kim
    12:20 pm

    Could we have songs please like on the german site?
    Thank you,

  8. KEY
    8:23 pm

    the games on here are cool and fun and it is helpful to people who are tryin to learn their numbers from one to twelve and this is a good website to all who want to learn simple spanish and you get to play the game to go along with it so it makes it kinda easy to learn it cause once you play the game and you think it is fun you will want to keep playin it and playin it and eventally you will learn the simple spanish that is posted up on here and i think that the colors that are up draws attention to people

  9. k gurl
    7:54 pm


  10. tracy
    7:16 pm

    it is the best game ever

  11. alexis
    3:01 am

    This game iss a nice game for a very new spanish learner , just learning their numbers in spanish.

  12. Yndya
    3:45 pm

    I love this game i kept playing it over and over again make another level plzz!

  13. dearne
    3:48 pm

    this game is soooooooo easy i love it make a another level plz and thank u!

  14. Zion
    3:47 pm

    This game was vey fun.