Learn Spanish Online for Free with GenkiSpanish.com

1. Pick a topic you've no idea how to say in Spanish.
2. Play the game, make lots of mistakes. 3. After 30 minutes you'll understand it all!

Learn how to say the numbers 1 to 12 in Spanish!

Click on a few numbers, then once you are ready, try the game.

1. Get a friend to play on another computer,

2. Both start together.

3. Race to see who can finish first!

If you like the game, please leave a comment. And tell your friends of course!


  1. Elvira Deyamport
    7:43 pm

    This is a wonderful game! I use it with my Special Education students and Kindergartners to review indepenedently as a center.

  2. It is really great when learning is fun and interactive. I would tell it to my kids. I am excited. Great days!

  3. kiara
    10:22 pm

    this is fun

  4. veronica
    8:31 pm

    this game got a girl to kiss me i love it

  5. rachael
    4:30 pm

    this game is amazing !!! i love it !!! at first it looked like it wasnt going to help me at all but when i went on it, it really helped me learn all the numbers. thankyou very much for putting this game on here !!!

  6. Jack Owens
    12:46 am

    Love this game! Thanks so much for putting this up for people to learn Spanish! It helps alot!

  7. Haydn
    8:41 am

    the spelling of the numbers?

  8. trey
    3:27 pm

    this game is exactly what i needed! it helped me to learn all the numbers in spanish!

  9. Nicole Marie Hardin
    10:58 pm

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  10. Maya o
    4:29 pm

    Love the game awesome for learning new numbers they should have one up to the number 20 (veinte).

  11. Lily
    12:52 am

    This rocks

  12. vanessa
    10:51 am

    im so happy becaus i im having a test and
    i lerned it and it is spanish and i am
    saying thanke you.
    by vanessa

  13. Lorna
    7:31 pm

    Great. Kids loved it. Where can I find the next lessons please?

  14. spanish
    11:50 am

    good good!

  15. JimJamMcJimminyJomJames
    1:50 pm

    This game changed my life. After playing it a single time, I am now fluent in Spanish and also 4 other languages. It also cured my depression and the cold I had went away as well after experiencing such a magnificent game. I can now bench over 300 more pounds than before and all of my grades were immediately changed to A+’s. I wholeheartedly recommend this amazing game to anybody trying to learn Spanish or just become a more amazing person in general.

  16. savannah
    6:21 pm


  17. Fernando Álvarez
    12:05 am

    I won!! :3

  18. yaser
    5:19 pm

    l like it