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1. Pick a topic you've no idea how to say in Spanish.
2. Play the game, make lots of mistakes. 3. After 30 minutes you'll understand it all!

This week we learn how to say “How many …. do you have?” in Spanish.

It’s very simple “¿cuántos …… tienes?”

The words in the game are:

pens = plumas
friends = amigos
cards = tarjetas
potatoes = papas
toys = juguetes
hats = sombreros (see the clothes game)
coats = abrigos (see the clothes game)
pets = mascotas
brothers = hermanos   (see the brothers & sisters game)
sisters = hermanas (see the brothers & sisters game)
carrots = zanahorias

If you like the game, please leave a comment. And tell your friends of course!


  1. Angie
    3:24 am

    i like the game very much. it’s helpful. actually i love all the games.

  2. k gurl
    7:43 pm


  3. Ashley
    12:23 am

    This game is extremely helpful. :) Maybe I WILL be able to pass Spanish 2 this year. Haha.

  4. Marúnza
    3:02 pm

    The only reason I do not like this game is because I already go to a Spanish school and already speak fluent Spanish. But I do think that this game is a very useful game for people who do not speak Spanish. 😉

  5. Celeste
    6:19 am

    Very nice !! My first language is spanish and this is very helpful for people :)

  6. Philippa
    1:55 am

    Cool Games. I’ve just started learning Spanish. This site is going to be great. I’ve subscribed so that I’ll get to play all the games.

  7. gallorojo
    4:03 pm

    A mi, me gusta mucho!

  8. cori
    5:24 pm

    Very good for my six year old who’s learning Spanish in school. Thanks and its free!!